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MG Midget


1972 MG Midget 

  • 1275cc engine with 4 speed gearbox.
  • Round arch model (only built '71-74).
  • Finished in Blaze with Black interior.
  • Photographic restoration with £7k in parts.
  • Classic motoring in a pint size package.



The first ‘modern’ Midget was essentially a re-badged Austin Healey Sprite MkII which itself was a development from the the original 1958 MkI Sprite, more frequently known as the ‘Frogeye’. The MkI Midget, as announced in June 1961 and fitted with a 948cc “A” series engine was quite basic, with a very simple interior, side-screens and stowaway hood. However it did just what its creators intended, and offered sporting motoring for minimum cost. It differed from the Sprite by having a traditional MG style of grille and extra trim, a black instead of white steering wheel, and other small subtle differences, the uncomplicated but attractive car bringing under one litre motoring back to MG enthusiasts for the first time since 1936. 

For the years 1961-71 the Midget and remained relatively unchanged, with the majority to development restricted to mechanical upgrades, however in late '71 the Midget took on a new silhouette with the introduction of the MkIII RWA, a stylistically different car and for 3 years the, now 1275cc engined MkIII, featured round wheel arches instead of the familiar 'squared-off' arches. This change, along with a new 'quicker steering rack and the introduction of Rostyle wheels, similar to the larger MGB, meant that the Midget could now also run on more modern radial tyres and owners could also fit wider wheel / tyre combinations, whether for esthetics or competition where Midgets competed extensively, during the 60-70's at club level racing. In 1974 the Midget saw its final major changes with the enforcement of US safety and emission regulations and the little soft-top now 'sported' rubber impact bumpers and a change in engine, from the long-lasting 'A' series to the larger Triumph 1500cc engine found in the Spitfire. By 1979 the Midget had run its course and with over 200,000 units built (1/4 being RWA models) the and diminutive 'sports car' was phased out.

Delivered to its first owner in June 1972 this delightful MkIII MG Midget is finished in her original Blaze (people will debate whether she's red or orange) and comes with her correct 1275 cc 'A' series engine, close ration 4 speed gearbox, black interior / hood and 13" Rostyle wheels and has the added bonus of having the optional full length tonneau cover too.

Standing next to this classic MG, its clear to see that this Midget has been well cared for and a review of her detailed history file shows that for a number of years, 2006-09, the car was taken off the road and treated the a thorough and comprehensive restoration, with works including:

  • Bodywork - complete strip down with every last item removed to reveal a bare tub. At this point the body was sent away for media-blasting to remove all paint the front wings were also removed to allow access / repairs to box sections etc and once returned the car had a number of external panels replaced / repaired. With a now rust free body, all seams were suitably sealed and panel alignment set up for excellent fit and finish, the underbody / arch areas treated to stone-chip protection and then the whole body treated to several coats of her original Blaze paint. Prior to building up the body with brightwork, glass etc the owner also replaced all the various rubbers, lens etc
  • Running gear - The 1275 cc engine has been completely stripped and rebuilt, with new pistons, re-ground crank / camshaft, all new bearings, skimmed cylinder-head, all new gaskets, hoses, water pump, carbs overhauled, re-core of the radiator, electronic ignition upgrade, new exhaust system, upgraded aluminium rocker cover etc. The gearbox / rear axle have been checked for wear and any tired components replaced, replacement gasket and new clutch fitted. Whilst off the road the suspension and braking systems were also overhauled too, the 13" Rostyle wheels were also refurbished and fitted with a matched set of Dunlop SP10 tyres.
  • Interior - The original seats were deemed to still be in very good condition, free from any damage and these where cleaned prior to the refit, along with a new carpet set and a new replacement hood (which is still in 'as new' condition). A face-off Radio / CD has been fitted discreetly beneath the dash on the passenger lower storage tray.

Diminutive in stature, the Midget actually offers ample space for two, with weekend luggage to boot and whilst driving this little cracker one can't help but smile, she may only have a 1275 cc engine, but weighing less than 800kg the Midget can offer a good turn of pace when needed. An older restoration (we've invoices for over £7k in parts) and having only driven 5k miles since this MkIII Midget still looks fantastic, drives brilliantly, comes with a great history file, detailed photographs of her restoration, a number of old MOTs, her original toolkit and tonneau, a lovely original 1972 MG Midget RWA brochure and offers a great way into the ownership of an iconic British classic.

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